The Code Keeper : Livia Garcia [PAST]

Opening : 25 July 2021 Sunday 3pm – 6pm (by email invitation only)

Exhibition :

30 July Friday 3pm – 7pm [Updates : Steve Beresford will now be performing at 6 and 6:45pm)

31 July Saturday 2pm – 6pm

1 August Sunday 2pm – 6pm

Project DIVFUSE is proud to present our first event which will also mark the official opening of the space to the public.

The Code Keeper is an exhibition that showcases the latest drawings and motion graphic scores by Livia Garcia. Inspired by Cornelius Cardew’s graphic scores and her own experience in engineering draughtsmanship, Garcia has developed a series of line drawings which has subsequently been turned into digital motion videos. The artist is naming her drawings The Silent Improviser to suggest the fact that the way she juxtaposes the lines, symbols, letters and numbers is a form of improvisation. Her drawings connect with the subconscious and seem to be encoded with meanings that can only be unlocked and deciphered by the Code Keeper. Most of the graphic scores that are shown in this exhibition were created during the lockdowns.

When We Used to Go Somewhere_Variants : Liz Helman [PAST]

Exhibition :

4 September Saturday 2pm – 6pm

5 September Sunday 2pm – 6pm

When We Used To Go Somewhere_Variants  – A Short Film By Liz Helman

Running Time 8.20

Made in the UK during the first stages of lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, the film explores dislocation alongside the longing to go somewhere; a freedom that was restricted for most of 2020.

The video is accompanied by a new soundtrack that appears as Invisible Future on the artist’s forthcoming album, The Yearning, released on the Flaming Pines label.

DUO : Douglas Benford + Sylvia Hallett [PAST]

Mini Concert :

2 October Saturday 2021 6-7pm

Ticket: £5 . 10 seats only. To buy tickets, please email for payment information. There will be limited choices of non-alcoholic drinks for sale on site.

Two artists who approach their sound-making by improvising using unusual and inventive instrument and object combinations.

This is the first event under the Sound Meta series of Project DivFuse. Sound Meta is a body of events that features mini concerts, workshops and activities involving sound making.

In this mini concert, Douglas Benford will be improvising with an array of objects. He will be joined in by Sylvia Hallett playing a bowed bicycle wheel. This concert will be recorded to form an archive for the art pod.

A Lick and a Promise : Marisol Malatesta & Tom Richards [PAST]

Meet The Artists Discussion :

8 October Friday 7-8pm. RSVP by emailing 10 seats only. [Cancelled. Updated 7 October]

Screening :

7-8 October Thursday & Friday 3-7pm

9-10 October Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm

A 16 mm film by Marisol Malatesta (Perú) and Tom Richards (UK), 2016. Running time : 8 minutes

Macao (New Centre of the arts, culture and research), a squad based in an old slaughterhouse from early XX’s building in Milan, became the frame for the recording of the film A Lick and a Promise. Macao’s decadent, almost ghostly atmosphere also contains a great deal of grandiose monumental architecture and design, which set an ideal structure for the film. Thus, the space became a place for constant play.

The idea of the film is conceived in a discussion around the structures and nonsensical relations involved in Malatesta’s art works. Through simple forms derived from modernist abstraction and design, the artist builds figurative images that construct playful but also enigmatic characters.

In the film Malatesta’s ‘paintings’ become the characters.

Simple actions in the film are all shot to a tempo (click track) which then coordinates with a rhythmic and repetitive soundtrack by Richards, encompassing both Foley and score intermingled. Richards has a long held interest in the ritual music of shamanic trance, and the obvious parallels with 20th century minimal music as well as dance music and rave culture. These influences are reflected in his musical output of the film, which creates a dark ritualistic atmosphere with a hint of humor.

When Sculpture Meets Music : Martin Harrison [PAST]

Opening :

22 October Friday 5 – 8pm [Live music by Susanna Ferrar (Violin) at 6pm & 7pm]

RSVP by emailing

Exhibition :

23 October Saturday 2 – 6pm [Live music by Neil Metcalfe (Flute) at 4pm & 5pm]

24 October Sunday 2 – 6pm [Live music by Susanna Ferrar (Violin) at 4pm & 5pm]

Free Entry

Shovel and Stone. Materials : paper

Project DIVFUSE is proud to be presenting When Sculpture Meets Music, a solo show by sculptor Martin Harrison (b. 1945). This is the first event under our Non Linear series, which is a small window for exhibiting non-media based work in our media art pod.

‘I am Martin Harrison. I live in SE London. I describe myself as a sculptor, visual artist and an occasional performing artist/musician in experimental art events. Creating art is a compulsion for me. Without art I could not thrive. Essentially I create art for myself.

When I am constructing an object I usually find that it takes on a life of its own. Before I commence I experiment with all aspects ie materials, form and size. I work by making formers out of paper or other materials. This enables me to make several versions of the same thing. Then I either methodically layer paper over the former, which can then be painted, or I put pulped paper over it which can result in a rougher surface. If I want a smooth surface I use polyfilla. My work is very time-consuming.

My work is influenced by William Blake, John Cage, Wassily Kandinsky, Henry Moore, Carl Jung and Buddhist thoughts. My favourite classical sculptor is Gian Lorenzo Bernini and favourite classical composer is Henry Purcell.’

Most things, we don’t talk about them : Matt Harding [PAST]

Exhibition and Performance:

***Due to unforeseen circumstances, the exhibition will not be on 13 November Saturday as planned.***

The dates have now been changed to 14 November Sunday & 20 November Saturday 3-7pm (Performance by the artist will be on throughout the exhibition on 20 November. Visitors can stay for as long as they wish before the event closes.) [Updated 17/11/2021]

Free Entry

Selected films 2016 – 2021

An ongoing series of film vignettes exploring the dynamics of sound for image and image for sound. Using objects, repetition and texture with themes of ephemerality, juxtaposed they are seemingly inter connected works made from separate yet exchangeable elements. Often created as a counterpoint to musical composition, each film possesses an inherent musicality where sound and image take turns to lead or be led in composition and tone.

The film vignettes will be presented simultaneously as a number of projections within the space of Project DIVFUSE.

Matt Harding (UK) will also perform two live sets interacting with the works as another element and active layer within the installation.