DUO : Douglas Benford + Sylvia Hallett [UPCOMING]

Mini Concert :

2 October Saturday 2021 6-7pm

Ticket: £5 . 10 seats only. To buy tickets, please email divfuse@gmail.com for payment information. There will be limited choices of non-alcoholic drinks for sale on site.

Two artists who approach their sound-making by improvising using unusual and inventive instrument and object combinations.

This is the first event under the Sound Meta series of Project DivFuse. Sound Meta is a body of events that features mini concerts, workshops and activities involving sound making.

In this mini concert, Douglas Benford, a composer and sound artist, will be improvising with an array of objects. He will be joined in by Sylvia Hallett, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, with a bowed bicycle wheel. This concert will be recorded to form an archive for the art pod.