Most things, we don’t talk about them : Matt Harding [PAST]

Exhibition and Performance:

***Due to unforeseen circumstances, the exhibition will not be on 13 November Saturday as planned.***

The dates have now been changed to 14 November Sunday & 20 November Saturday 3-7pm (Performance by the artist will be on throughout the exhibition on 20 November. Visitors can stay for as long as they wish before the event closes.) [Updated 17/11/2021]

Free Entry

Selected films 2016 – 2021

An ongoing series of film vignettes exploring the dynamics of sound for image and image for sound. Using objects, repetition and texture with themes of ephemerality, juxtaposed they are seemingly inter connected works made from separate yet exchangeable elements. Often created as a counterpoint to musical composition, each film possesses an inherent musicality where sound and image take turns to lead or be led in composition and tone.

The film vignettes will be presented simultaneously as a number of projections within the space of Project DIVFUSE.

Matt Harding (UK) will also perform two live sets interacting with the works as another element and active layer within the installation.

Matt Harding is a musician and artist who has released several albums with Moshi Moshi and Heavenly records. He has written music for film and tv and recently toured his own score to ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligar’. He has also exhibited works and performed at Hackney Wicked, Radiophrenia, Five Years Gallery, St Augustine’s tower, The Deptford Cinemas, Margate and Ramsgate Festivals, The Freud Museum and Kingt Gut of Hamburg. Harding also runs the art and sound platform The Thames Submarine. | Bandcamp | Instagram |

Image by Matt Harding