What role are we playing in sustainability? 

The main vision of Project DIVFUSE is to support the development of sound and multimedia artwork. Electricity is the main energy source that we use for running our equipment – it is a renewable energy source and emits significantly less greenhouse gas which helps to mitigate climate change and air pollution. For every event, we try to use as little disposable materials as possible. For example, all the text on the events is up on our website so that we can cut down on printing materials.

How does being active as an art space in promoting sustainability help with artists’ development?

As an art project, we aim to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work which will help to promote sustainable artistic developments. Furthermore, artists can use our equipment when exhibiting at our space. This is one way for us as a project to share resources amongst the community.

What do future exhibitions look like?

Future exhibitions are likely to reflect a growing awareness of environmental issues and a desire for positive change. Artists are encouraged to incorporate the theme of sustainability into their work and proposals in the form of concepts and materials used.