The Code Keeper : Livia Garcia [PAST]

Opening : 25 July 2021 Sunday 3pm – 6pm (by email invitation only)

Exhibition :

30 July Friday 3pm – 7pm [Updates : Steve Beresford will now be performing at 6 and 6:45pm)

31 July Saturday 2pm – 6pm

1 August Sunday 2pm – 6pm

Project DIVFUSE is proud to present our first event which will also mark the official opening of the space to the public.

The Code Keeper is an exhibition that showcases the latest drawings and motion graphic scores by Livia Garcia. Inspired by Cornelius Cardew’s graphic scores and her own experience in engineering draughtsmanship, Garcia has developed a series of line drawings which has subsequently been turned into digital motion videos. The artist is naming her drawings The Silent Improviser to suggest the fact that the way she juxtaposes the lines, symbols, letters and numbers is a form of improvisation. Her drawings connect with the subconscious and seem to be encoded with meanings that can only be unlocked and deciphered by the Code Keeper. Most of the graphic scores that are shown in this exhibition were created during the lockdowns.

Livia Garcia is a railway civil engineer and a visual artist. Originally from Hong Kong and has been based in London for 10 years, Garcia obtained her BA(Fine Art) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University through a course jointly run by the University and the Hong Kong Arts School in 2007. She received a full scholarship in 2008 to pursue her MA(Fine Art) at The University of Leeds, UK. Garcia is also the founder and director of Project DIVFUSE with a vision to promote the development of media art.

We are extremely delighted to also announce that there will be two short performances by special guest Steve Beresford during the opening of this event [Updates 23th July: Steve Beresford will now be performing on Friday 30th July at 6pm and 6:45pm instead due to unforeseen circumstances]. Beresford has been a central figure in the British and international spontaneous music scenes for over forty years, freely improvising on the piano, electronics and other things with people like Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, John Zorn and Alterations (with David Toop, Terry Day and Peter Cusack). In 2021, Bloomsbury published a book by Andy Hamilton : ‘Pianos, Toys, Music and Noise : Conversations with Steve Beresford’.

Due to Covid restrictions, the opening on 25 July will be by email invite only. All guests are kindly requested to adhere to social distancing and use the communal courtyard as much as possible throughout the whole exhibition.