PreView : Guy Sherwin [Upcoming]

A film event

24 February 2023 Friday 6pm & 7pm

25 February Saturday 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

26 February Sunday 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

Each session is about 30 minutes. 5 places each session. Please email for a space.

Artist will be present during the event. Free entry

‘In the late 1980s I was living on Clarence Road a stone’s throw from DIVFUSE Gallery.

Looking out through the windows of my upstairs flat I made a ten-minute film, Views from Home.

Shot in time-lapse, the film also recorded sunlight passing through the empty rooms while I was out at work. Sax player Alan Wilkinson lived and practised in the flat below, and he unknowingly provided much of the soundtrack.

For this event, a live video of the street plays alongside an adapted version of the original film.

Note:  Views from Home was filmed in super 8mm and completed on video in 2003.’

– Guy Sherwin

A Tape Recorder Workshop 2023 : Robin The Fog [Upcoming]

Live sound generation + Tape loop creation

18 March Saturday 6-8pm

Ticket: £10. 10 seats only. To buy tickets, please email for payment details.

Project DIVFUSE is pleased to present our third event under our curatorial series Sound Meta, which celebrates sound making through performances or workshops. Join us for a 2023 version of this unique event by Robin The Fog where tape loops will take over the entire venue – and the audience will be expected to help hold it all together!

Robin The Fog is a Cumbrian sound artist and audio producer based in London. He is the founding member of Howlround, a project that creates recordings and performances entirely by manipulating sounds on a quartet of vintage reel to reel tape recorders, with all additional effects strictly forbidden – no samples, no synths, no pedals, no plug-ins. Howlround’s eighth studio album was released in 2022. |

Image by Victoria Hastings

Three-Day Residency : Merkaba Macabre [Upcoming]


24 March 2023 Friday 6-8:30pm

25 March Saturday 6-8:30pm

26 March Sunday 3-7pm

Free entry. [[Photosensitive Warning]]

Merkaba Macabre presents a new audiovisual project that explores colour to sound synthesis for a three-day residency at Project DIVFUSE. The project maps the perceived colour spectrum to the audible frequency spectrum, allowing each color tone to pair with a unique sound tone. These ‘binary tones’ are performed live as quantized patterns across three digital projectors and a 3.1 sound system. Building upon the artist’s previous research in analogue light-based composition, Merkaba Macabre investigates this field in a purely digital process resulting in a triptych audiovisual expanse.