When Sculpture Meets Music : Martin Harrison [Upcoming]

Opening :

22 October Friday 5 – 8pm [Live music by Catherine Pluygers (Oboe/Cor Anglais) & Susanna Ferrar (Violin) at 6pm & 7pm]

RSVP by emailing divfuse@gmail.com

Exhibition :

23 October Saturday 2 – 6pm [Live music by Catherine Pluygers (Oboe/Cor Anglais) & Neil Metcalfe (Flute) at 4pm & 5pm]

24 October Sunday 2 – 6pm [Live music by Catherine Pluygers (Oboe/Cor Anglais) & Susanna Ferrar (Violin) at 4pm & 5pm]

Free Entry

Shovel and Stone. Materials : paper

Project DivFuse is proud to be presenting When Sculpture Meets Music, a solo show by sculptor Martin Harrison (b. 1945). This is the first event under our Non Linear series, which is a small window for exhibiting non-media based work in our media art pod.

‘I am Martin Harrison. I live in SE London. I describe myself as a sculptor, visual artist and an occasional performing artist/musician in experimental art events. Creating art is a compulsion for me. Without art I could not thrive. Essentially I create art for myself.

When I am constructing an object I usually find that it takes on a life of its own. Before I commence I experiment with all aspects ie materials, form and size. I work by making formers out of paper or other materials. This enables me to maker several versions of the same thing. Then I either methodically layer paper over the former, which can then be painted, or I put pulped paper over it which can result in a rougher surface. If I want a smooth surface I use polyfilla. My work is very time-consuming.

My work is influenced by William Blake, John Cage, Wassily Kandinsky, Henry Moore, Carl Jung and Buddhist thoughts. My favourite classical sculptor is Gian Lorenzo Bernini and favourite classical composer is Henry Purcell.’

Most things, we don’t talk about them : Matt Harding [Upcoming]

Exhibition and Performance:

13 – 14 November Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm (Performance at 5pm both days)

Free Entry

Selected films 2016 – 2021

An ongoing series of film vignettes exploring the dynamics of sound for image and image for sound. Using objects, repetition and texture with themes of ephemerality, juxtaposed they are seemingly inter connected works made from separate yet exchangeable elements. Often created as a counterpoint to musical composition, each film possesses an inherent musicality where sound and image take turns to lead or be led in composition and tone.

The film vignettes will be presented simultaneously as a number of projections within the space of Project DivFuse.

Matt Harding (UK) will also perform two live sets interacting with the works as another element and active layer within the installation.