Project DivFuse is a new platform that has opened its doors in July 2021 that aims to promote mainly new and multi media art, such as sound sculptures, videos, projections, films and digital work. It functions as a creative space that invokes inspirations while giving a sense of calmness being located in a quiet part of Hackney, East London. Project DivFuse is a small flexible art pod (150 sq.ft, 4.5m x 3m) that nurtures ideas such as art exhibitions, workshops, artists’ talks, acoustics performances, products and book launch, art critiques, just to name a few possibilities all bearing the aim to share thinking and knowledge. In front of the entrance, there is a communal courtyard which can provide some extra outdoor space if needed. Please get in touch and tell us about your work and proposals or any enquiry via

The space is best suited for holding solo exhibitions so that one artist or even just one or two pieces of quality work can be focussed at a time for a real deep connection and discourse. We very much look forward to collaborating with artists and creatives and allowing this inspiring community to grow together organically with a sense of purpose and meaning.

In terms of capacity for workshops, talks and performances, we can cater for an audience of about 10 people or 5 with tables and chairs. Due to our constraints, organisers might like to consider running the event in multiple sessions.

Project DivFuse is a self-funded and non profit-making project. Please support us so that we can help to diffuse diverse creative ideas and inspirations into the wider community. Unless by invitation, there would be a fee for to cover the overheads so that we can keep the project going. The way it works is we will work together to manage the activities. Special discounted rates apply to artists and non-profit making events such as exhibitions. Please email us for more information.

The main exhibition/workshop space can accommodate 4 or 5 people with tables and chairs, or up to 10 people without tables. These are currently being restricted by Covid rules.
We have speakers, projector, overhead projector and LED lights for use.
There are wall spaces for projections. We do have to look after our neighbours so sound volumes would need to be sensible although sound sculptures and acoustic performances would be ideal.
Look out for this sign as you enter the gate.
At the gates, press 14 then D at the telecom located at the far right (near the bin in this photo).

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