A Tape Recorder Quartet : Robin The Fog [PAST]

Live sound generation + Tape loop creation + Performance

12 February 2022 Saturday 6-7:30pm [This event was rescheduled from December 2011]

Ticket: £5 . 10 seats only. To buy tickets, please email divfuse@gmail.com for payment information. There will be small choices of non-alcoholic drinks for sale on site or simply BYO beer.

Project DIVFUSE is pleased to present our second event under our curatorial series Sound Meta, which celebrates sound making through performances or workshops. Join us for a unique event where tape loops will take over the entire venue – and the audience will be expected to help hold it all together!

Robin The Fog is a Cumbrian sound artist and audio producer based in London. He is the founding member of Howlround, a project that creates recordings and performances entirely by manipulating sounds on a quartet of vintage reel to reel tape recorders, with all additional effects strictly forbidden – no samples, no synths, no pedals, no plug-ins. Howlround’s eighth studio album will be released in 2022.

RobinTheFog.com | Howlround.co.uk

Image by Victoria Hastings