Inertia Instruments : David Sappa [Upcoming]

Sound Installation Exhibition :

9 August 2024 Friday 5pm – 7pm

10 & 11 August Saturday & Sunday 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Free Entry

Performance :

9 August Friday 7:30pm £7

£7 | 8 places only | Please email for tickets

Inertia Instruments (2022-2023) by David Sappa (UK) was selected from the DIVFUSE / INNOVATE 2024 Open Call.

Inertia instruments is a collection of 8 D.I.Y kinetic zither like-instruments, tuned to corresponding systems that when played without intervention, sound over long periods, slowly detuning as time progresses. 

‘They started as just one – something for me to improvise over with saw or guitar, but I gradually built more with a variety of differences and additions (some more generative, others more cyclical, different materials, sizes and mechanisms) to explore what sort of textures and atmospheres would arise in multitudes, and how that would feel if the instruments were diffused acoustically at different locations within a room. ‘

‘They developed more animistic qualities as a result of listening to them – imbuing an inanimate object with movement makes it feel like it has its own personality – so I got into the habit of experimenting with this idea over the course of their creation.’ – David Sappa

David Sappa is a sound artist, experimental musician and researcher working through D.I.Y kinetic and interactive sound objects, improvisation, field recording, oral histories and quantum listening. They are interested in sound for its tactile, textural and somatic qualities, and as modes for interrelatedness and interplay that can explore dynamics between our social,  psychological and material entanglements within different environments.

Sappa’s work has been exhibited at the British Library, Deptford X Festival, Maker Music Festival, Re-nd-er-ed Festival and the Field Kitchen Academy. They are a recent recipient of Sound and Music’s ‘Seed award’ and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festivals ‘Fielding Talent’ cohort. Their music has been played on BBC, Resonance, Birp.FM, Rava vavàra and have contributed to Hard Return, Don’t Look Back and a variety of other netlabels.

Image from David Sappa