Medial Dark Ages : Laura Netz [Upcoming]

Sound Exhibition:

23 August 2024 Friday 5:30-8pm

24 August Saturday 2:30-4pm

25 August Sunday 2:30-6:30pm

41 minutes. Free Entry

Live Sound Performance:

Session One : 24 August Saturday 5pm. £7 [6 places left]

Session Two : 24 August Saturday 6:30pm. £7

£7 | 8 places each session | Please email for tickets

Sound Exhibition:

Field recordings by mathr & netz: Sound is everpresent in the human and natural world, so we often do not notice it. Even in the city, there can be birdsong, and even in the countryside, aircraft can be heard. Field recording is a space-time machine, and we can listen back later and in different places and be transported back to the original environment. Listening in a different context can surprise us with sounds we didn’t notice before but were always present. Recording nature is a way to document the changing world; the climate catastrophe means her songs may be very different in the future. 

Live Sound Performance:

Medial Dark Ages: is a piece that uses field recordings, DIY electromagnetic detectors, and open-source electronic instruments. I have worked with bats, crickets, and sheep recordings in this composition. I have been experimenting with Bat5 Digital Bat Detector for the bats, which amplifies and filters the bat’s signals. The composition adheres to a postmaterialist perspective on technology, such as in James Bridle – New Dark Ages – and intends to fit music technology in the context of critical thinking and media archaeology theory.’

Laura Netz (Barcelona, 1982). Participant at hacking culture and noise scene has taken part in many international events, such as exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and concerts. As a Live Performer, she has acted in various festivals and events in London and overseas: Noizemaschine, London; XX Studio, Montreal, Canada, 2015; Noise Toys Orchestra, Cafe Oto, London, 2015; Sonica FM, London, 2015; OneBeatEcho, New York, US, 2014. In 2014, she released her first record at the [EdP069] Editora do Porto. In 2015, she launched her independent record label EAM Elektronische-art-and-music. She is well-known in London noise scene where she performs under the moniker Laura Netz / Medial Ages. Nowadays, she is promoting the series Sonic Electronics taking place in London, various venues, where inviting different artists from the community influenced by noise, experimental, electronics and open source music. | @lauranetzzz |

Photo from Laura Netz