Der dritte Körper : [ _ _ _ ] (LI Song / Jia LIU / Shuoxin TAN) [PAST]

Sound & Visual Exhibition:

8 July Friday 4-7pm

9 & 10 July Saturday & Sunday 2:30-6:30pm

Running time : 20 minutes. Free entry.

In the tower room of church Sankt Michael Cologne, two small loudspeakers are suspended from the 12-meter-high bell tower with thin wires.

Connected through the network, two members of [ _ _ _ ], Li Song and Jia Liu perform live from London and Karlsruhe respectively. The sound reaches the site through the loudspeakers and is listened to and recorded by Shuoxin Tan, the third performer and the only person on-site. The audience is only able to hear through Shuoxin, as she moves through the room with a binaural microphone in an auditory choreography and interplays with the small loudspeakers. Song and Jia observe her spatial movements and react to them with their live-coded sound patterns. In this site-specific performance, the loudspeakers are not only senders of sound but also the receiver of the entire space. Because of the instability of the installation and the characteristics of the tower room, unperceivable signals existing in the space will be picked up and become part of the result.

Each individual involved in this event becomes “Der dritte Körper” – the 3 performers on-site and remote, the sound installation and the noise in the space, as well as the attentively listening ears of the audience and the spaces they are in. The small tower room turns into a micro-cosmos of sound, during this 20 minutes of the performance.

Act of Throwing : Matt Harding & Esmeralda Valencia Lindström [PAST]

Live Performances :

24 July 2022 Sunday

First performance 5-5:30pm

Second performance 6-6:30pm

Free Entry

For this performance, the objects thrown have been borrowed from situations where their owners have been waiting to decide whether to keep or throw them away. Temporarily borrowed from this limbo they are used to highlight differences in acoustics between the spaces in and around the gallery. Simultaneously performed, recorded and played on speakers in the space the piece generates rhythms via the interaction between/ of the throwers, the people recording and the location itself. 

The act of throwing materials back and forth has been an ongoing method of research for Matt Harding & Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom exploring intersubjectivity and agency in materials both through sound recordings and performance, reflecting on our relationship with materials and objects and what it means to be continuously involved in and with matter. Previously performed at Gothenburg HDK Design Festival and for Radiophrenia Festival, each performance selects specifically chosen materials to explore questions of improvisation, narratives, duration, materiality and sonic perspectives.

We Are All Grazing Limpets : Action Pyramid [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

23 July 2022 Saturday 2:30 – 6:30pm

Running time : 15 minutes. Free Entry

A quadraphonic response to new sonic material gathered on a recent recording trip to the Outer Hebrides, with experiments in extending the multichannel format using mobile devices as additional sound making objects. The work features numerous underwater recordings from the Isle of Harris centering on the steady rhythmic scraping from Limpets grazing the rock pools and shorelines on the craggy east coast. Please bring a smartphone if you would like to add to the piece when you visit.

Tom Fisher is a sound artist and musician based in the marshy edge-lands of North East London. Working primarily under the name Action Pyramid his projects vary from site-specific sound installation and headphone based works for galleries and museums, to experimental radio works and compositions.

Wartime in Discovery Park : Caroline Kraabel [PAST]

Sound & Visual Exhibition :

6 August 2022 Saturday 2:30 – 5:30pm.

Solo live performance (saxophone) 6 August Saturday 5:30 – 6:30pm | £5 ticket | 10 places only – Please email for ticketing information.

7 August Sunday 2:30 – 6:30pm.

Running Time for the Exhibition : 12 minutes Total. Free Entry

Wartime in Discovery Park (2022)

Driving, talking. Conversing. Listening, but only casually. We make a daily trip to the park together.

Discovery Park. Home to cougars, coyotes, bald eagles, grey seals… rabbits… bold birds… quotidian communion.

Sky, sea, streets, trees. War in Ukraine. The very familiar sound of a voice, of mother tongues.

Two voices, each using two languages, each replicated with saxophone sound.

Taking A Life For A Walk x48 (2002 – 2006)

This audio piece consists of 48 live recordings of Kraabel’s weekly Resonance 104.4FM radio series, which ran from Jan 2002 to autumn 2006.

For each half-hour of live radio, Kraabel walked through the streets (usually of London) pushing her infant child in a pushchair while playing the saxophone (one-handed) along with all the ambient sounds and differing acoustics. She also invited listeners to create live audio feedback by phoning her in telephone boxes and holding their phones to their radios.

This audio piece uses 48 recordings of the live Taking A Life For A Walks, and differentiates them from the liveness of the original TALFAW by combining them so that we hear them all simultaneously.

The Silent Improviser : Livia Garcia x Steve Beresford [PAST]

Exhibition & Live Performance:

12th August 2022 Friday 7-8pm

£5 per ticket | 10 places only | Please email for ticketing information


This event is an exhibition of Livia Garcia’s film scores based on her geometric and line drawings, with Steve Beresford improvising to the visuals by playing with a selection of objects.


Livia Garcia founded Project DIVFUSE in July 2021 and has been curating exhibitions on digital and sound art since. She is a visual artist as well as a civil engineer in the railway. She obtained her MA(Fine Art) from The University of Leeds with a full scholarship that was co-funded by the University and The Arts Development Council of Hong Kong. Garcia’s film scores are often minimalistic that encompass geometries, lines, numbers and alphabets as inspired by engineering draughtsmanship. With her art practice, she has worked with a number of musicians such as the London Improvisers Orchestra, Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Caroline Kraabel, Dave Tucker etc. |

Flour, Water & Machinery : Marisol Malatesta [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

13th August 2022 Saturday 2:30-6:30pm

Running Time : 12 minutes. Free Entry

‘For this exhibition I am presenting a sound recording of my process of making sour dough bread in the bakery. For the anniversary of the gallery I am using the dictionary meaning of the word Diffusion as inspiration:  ‘The state of being spread out or transmitted especially by contact’. It is an experimental piece in which the sound of the machinery as well as organic matter creates a rhythmic but also abstract sound.

I am interested in the paradox between the organic sounds of water and flour against electronic and mechanical ones from the equipment while milling, mixing, shaping, turning, cutting, cleaning and baking.

I am interested in bread because it seems simple at first but the more you look the more complex it becomes: it is a domestic object but also a symbol of power. First of all I use bread because I enjoy making it. I find particularly interesting all the mechanisms that are involved in artisanal making such as: time, precision, order and intuition.

Then the work acquires a new perspective when it’s made to be displayed in a gallery. Bread becomes the agent for questioning the relationship between the object, the audience and the space it inhabits.’ – Marisol Malatesta