Flour, Water & Machinery : Marisol Malatesta [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

13th August 2022 Saturday 2:30-6:30pm

Running Time : 12 minutes. Free Entry

‘For this exhibition I am presenting a sound recording of my process of making sour dough bread in the bakery. For the anniversary of the gallery I am using the dictionary meaning of the word Diffusion as inspiration:  ‘The state of being spread out or transmitted especially by contact’. It is an experimental piece in which the sound of the machinery as well as organic matter creates a rhythmic but also abstract sound.

I am interested in the paradox between the organic sounds of water and flour against electronic and mechanical ones from the equipment while milling, mixing, shaping, turning, cutting, cleaning and baking.

I am interested in bread because it seems simple at first but the more you look the more complex it becomes: it is a domestic object but also a symbol of power. First of all I use bread because I enjoy making it. I find particularly interesting all the mechanisms that are involved in artisanal making such as: time, precision, order and intuition.

Then the work acquires a new perspective when it’s made to be displayed in a gallery. Bread becomes the agent for questioning the relationship between the object, the audience and the space it inhabits.’ – Marisol Malatesta

Marisol Malatesta was born in Lima-Peru. She studied at the Universidad Católica del Perú where she graduated in Fine Art (Painting). She received a Post Graduate Diploma and a MFA from Byam Shaw School of Art at Central Saint Martins. Marisol is a co-founder of Spazio Tilde, a multidisciplinary Bakery.

Her most resent solo exhibition My nose grows Now! Was exhibited in Lima at Luis Miroquesada Garland Gallery and Sala 770 at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma.

Her work has also being included in group shows such as Museum in Residence, London and Mexico DC; Weavers of the Clouds, Fashion and Textile Museum, London; DROP: Beyond Boundaries, Goodman Art Centre, Singapore; Messages From a New America, The 10th Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre; An Argument for Difference, TSA Gallery, New York; Connecting Worlds at The Drawing Room, London.

Malatesta is a cofounder of Tilde Forno and Spazio Tilde in Bergamo – Italy. Spazio Tilde was born from the desire to wider the discussion related to bread production. Her need to make sense of repetitive gestures inherent in an artisan activity lead her to open a space where artists and researchers are invited to reflect on the dynamics related to food production and art.

Image from the Artist