We Are All Grazing Limpets : Action Pyramid [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

23 July 2022 Saturday 2:30 – 6:30pm

Running time : 15 minutes. Free Entry

A quadraphonic response to new sonic material gathered on a recent recording trip to the Outer Hebrides, with experiments in extending the multichannel format using mobile devices as additional sound making objects. The work features numerous underwater recordings from the Isle of Harris centering on the steady rhythmic scraping from Limpets grazing the rock pools and shorelines on the craggy east coast. Please bring a smartphone if you would like to add to the piece when you visit.

Tom Fisher is a sound artist and musician based in the marshy edge-lands of North East London. Working primarily under the name Action Pyramid his projects vary from site-specific sound installation and headphone based works for galleries and museums, to experimental radio works and compositions.

With a background in electronic music and audio production his creative practice involves using sound and composition to re-examine and reconsider our surroundings, looking at the relationship between ourselves and the nonhuman and our part in the wider ecologies of landscapes. With a multitude of recording techniques he also seeks to explore and re-interpret the often seemingly unnoticed and unheard elements of our surroundings.

His work and recordings have been featured at LUX, the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Cafe OTO, The Grant Museum of Zoology, London Transport Museum, the Fjuk Art Center and Husavik Whale Museum in Iceland, as well as on Resonance Fm, Radio Anti, Radiophrenia, and as part of Open City Documentary Festival. He has also participated in artist residencies at RIVERSSSOUNDS (Online/Ukraine/Romania), Fjuk Arts Centre (Iceland), and BioArctica (Finnish Arctic).


Image by Jon Rulton