Transects – Jardin du Luxembourg & Copenhagen : John F. Barber [PAST]

Sound Exhibition:

4 February 2022 Friday 3-7pm

5 & 6 February 2022 Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm

Free Entry

We are delighted to announce that the work of John F. Barber has been selected as one of the two pieces to exhibit at Project DIVFUSE micro media art gallery through the Open Call DIVFUSE Sound Archive, which puts a focus on work based on field recordings.

Transects is a sound art project collecting field recordings while walking through acoustic environments. Combined, these samples provide sound-based collages representing their place of origin. The desired end result is to promote immersive narratives of the overlay and interplay between sounds heard in an acoustic environment.

Transect: Jardin du Luxembourg

August 2013, Paris, France, John Barber

Begun in 1612 by Marie dé Medici, Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Garden), Paris, France, features fountains, terraces, gardens, tree-lined pathways, tennis and basketball courts, a theatre, brasseries, bands, and boles. All can be heard in this transect.

Transect: Copenhagen

August 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark, John Barber

This transect experiences walking through Copenhagen. Playing with a set of automatic doors and a corrugated cardboard wall covering, with a broken alarm in the background. Wheeled suitcases on cobblestone streets. A street crossing alarm. Automobile and horse carriage traffic. Metro announcements. Pedestrian ambiance around the Vor Frue Plads fountain, street sounds, a marching band and squad of soldiers passing on their way to a guard changing ceremony at the Odd Fellows Palace, the tinkling of a bicycle bell.

John F. Barber convenes with The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver. His radio and sound art are broadcast and exhibited internationally. A current project is Re-Imagined Radio ( which explores literary-media art and performance as radio broadcasts, listening events, live streams, and podcasts.

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