LIO@25 : London Improvisers Orchestra [PAST]

Sound Exhibition:

16 June 2023 Friday 5-8pm

17 & 18 June Saturday & Sunday 2:30-6:30pm

£2 Entry

Running Time : 30 minutes

Since 1998, the London Improvisers Orchestra has been dedicated to the arts of conducted improvisation, or ‘Conduction’, and free improvisation.

The orchestra was formed from the ashes of the 1997 touring group of American improviser Butch Morris, the pioneering inventor of Conduction. Since its birth, the group has had hundreds of members pass through its ranks, including Evan Parker, Pat Thomas, Byron Wallen, John Edwards, Lol Coxhil, Caroline Kraabel, and Mark Sanders. To this day, the group is led by founding member Steve Beresford, an icon of the UK’s improvisation movement.

For its one-off sound exhibition at DIVFUSE, the orchestra will be presenting unreleased live recordings, accompanied by photos, from throughout its history.

Digital Works:

  1. Conduction by Steve Beresford, from 2008. Film by Helen Petts
  2. Conduction by Robert Jarvis at Cafe OTO, from 2008. Film by Alex Reuben
  3. Conduction by Dee Byrne at Cafe OTO, from December 2022
  4. Conduction by Julian Woods, from June 2023, recorded by Jeff Ardron, accompanied by slideshow of photos by Robert Crowley, Sean Kelly, and many others

Physical Works:

  1. Missing graphic score by Caroline Kraabel, 2020-2021
  2. Collection of items from Butch Morris’s 1997 “London Skyscraper” tour with the London Musicians Collective, which led to the formation of the London Improvisers Orchestra. Lent to the exhibition by Rhodri Davies. 
    Includes promotional posters and leaflets, Jazzwise article, articles about conducted improvisation.
  3. Drawings of the orchestra by Julie Pickard, various years
  4. Drawings by Aurelie Freoua, drawn during LIO performances, 2022-2023

Photos by Dawid Laskowski, December 2022