Lines and Light : Lynn Loo [PAST]

A two-day film and sound installation, made for the DIVFUSE exhibition space and a one day 16mm film workshop.


30 June 2023 Friday 5-8:30pm

1 July Saturday 2:30-6:30pm

2 July Sunday 2:30-4pm [Updated additional time]

£2 Suggested Donations


2 July Sunday 3-6:30pm

£25 | 7 places only | Please email for ticketing information (4 places left)


Film Installation – looped 16mm & DV


‘The moving bars of the gates outside DIVFUSE gallery were recorded on video and projected in black & white.

Onto 16mm black film, I scratched long straight lines into the emulsion and made two loops of different lengths. These are laced together through a single 16mm projector.

In the video projection, the interaction of moving and static bars of the gate creates unpredictable phasing patterns.

In the film projection, light penetrates through the two loops inviting chance meetings of the lines. Sometimes light passes through only one scratched line while blocked by the other black film, at other times two scratched lines meet and more light passes through.

The two super-imposed images are never likely to repeat because of the different lengths of the film loops against the duration of the video, also looped.

Together they produce further incidental interactions of lines and light.’

Lynn Loo

The workshop is dedicated to creating visual rhythms and patterned sounds using various techniques by direct application on to 16mm motion picture film. Then explore screening ideas through a live multi-projection session.

The artist will be introducing various hand-made techniques used in her own film works, including direct manipulation of the filmstrip and soundtrack. Participants will work with the 16mm projector and many ways it can be used as an instrument of performance, working with film loops, various lenses and filters. The workshop will end with an improvised session using two or more projectors and a live sound mix. Film materials will be provided but feel free to bring any tools or other materials of your own to help make your films.

Originally from Singapore, Lynn Loo has been based in London since 2004. She began making films in 1997. Her works include single-screen to multi-projection and she has participated in festivals, galleries and institutes such as Yebisu International Arts Festival in Tokyo, 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival in USA, Tate gallery and Art Central Hong Kong.

Image from the artist