ghosts, machines etc… : felix taylor [PAST]

Sound Exhibition:

13 May 2022 Friday 4-7pm

14 & 15 May Saturday & Sunday 2:30pm-6:30pm

Running Time : 16 minutes. Free Entry

This piece of work is one of the 5 pieces that are selected from DIVFUSE Sound Archive No. 2 – an Open Call for work that are based on field recordings

‘ghosts, machines etc…’ is a short suite and visual score for field recordings, reverb and distortion. The piece is based around three field recording prompts outlined in the score:

1. a low hum

2. a conversation

3. irregular, uneven rhythms

The player(s) interpret these prompts, make field recordings and play the piece, performing with the effects; reverb and distortion, in accordance to the score.

The piece encourages player(s) to reclaim public and institutional spaces by sitting still, observing and recording. It looks to field recording as an act of resilience and the performance as meditations on the players’ experience recording. It’s an invitation to loiter, hang about and be curious in public space.

The score itself is based around an adaptation of standard western musical notation. It uses a simple key to create instructions that add texture, colour and rhythm to the field recordings.

felix taylor is a South London based artist whose sound, collage and compositional work looks at our experience of the present moment. felix uses music, field recordings and technologies old and new to create work that’s in conversation with the natural world as it asks questions about how we move through time and space alongside what it means to be black folk in these explorations.

Previous projects include performances, collaborations, workshops, exhibited works and soundtracks for The ICA, Chisenhale Gallery, BBC Sounds, Somerset House, South London Gallery, FACT Liverpool, The Black Cultural Archives, GOMA, Thames Festival, Musicity, NTS Radio and The Arnolfini. | Instagram – @cartography_with_felixt

Image by felix taylor