Clay Cameras : Keith de Mendonca [PAST]

Sound Exhibition:

20 May 2022 Friday 4-7pm

21 & 22 May Saturday & Sunday 2:30pm-6:30pm

Running Time: 9 minutes. Free Entry

This piece of work is one of the 5 pieces that are selected from DIVFUSE Sound Archive No. 2 – an Open Call for work that are based on field recordings.

Clay Cameras was created from audio recordings made on a single day in 2005 – sounds from assorted items I found in my apartment, or on the nearby Thames foreshore. A low tide trip to the riverbed resulted in a hoard of tobacco clay pipe stems that had been discarded in the river centuries earlier. The slender tubes make a beautiful tinkling sound when struck or rubbed together. I also recorded and processed sounds from a clockwork cine film camera, some gurgling noises from the back of my fridge and a long since forgotten item as it swung to-and-fro on a door handle.

I had been making sonic contributions every month to Tetsuo Kogawa’s “Radio Kinesonus” project in Tokyo since 2003 (over the telephone!); Jacques Foschia was a Kinesonus co-contributor, and it was he who invited me to provide a ‘pastille’ to the “SilenceRadio” online audio project in 2005. “Clay Cameras” was my gift to him. I made a second composition called “TKU London” from other recordings from that same day;  I played “TKU London” to Kogawa-san’s students at Tokyo Keizai University in an early internet audio streaming event during the same year.

– Keith de Mendonca

During 1993-5 Keith de Mendonca created & curated “The Disembodied Art Gallery” – telematic projects and installations that connected people together across the world using mail-art, fax art and via the telephone network. He took his first tentative steps into field recording in 2000 and since then he has been a regular contributor to the long-running radio show “Framework” on Resonance FM. His audio recordings have been aired on the ABC, BBC, ORF and many other radio stations worldwide. Keith’s work has been used in the soundtracks of several experimental films, appeared on CDs and he continues to contribute to online audio projects. | keith de mendonca – framework radio

Image by Keith de Mendonca