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Sound Exhibition:

25 February 2022 Friday 3-7pm

26 & 27 February 2022 Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm

Artist Li Song will be on site Friday 5-7pm & Saturday 4-6pm. He will be joined in by Shuoxin Tan and Jia Liu online for an artist talk on Saturday 4-5pm. Please email to reserve a place for the artists’ talk. 10 seats only.

Free Entry

We are delighted to announce that the work of the ensemble [ _ _ _ ] has been selected as one of the two pieces to exhibit at Project DIVFUSE micro media art gallery through the Open Call DIVFUSE Sound Archive, which puts a focus on work based on field recordings.

Three members of [ _  _  _ ] have recorded in the field of traffic and acoustic signals in their own cities (London, Cologne and Karlsruhe) using binaural microphones. The concrete traces of urban networks are intertwined with the abstract electronic sound through the network music ensemble’s collaborative algorithm, which they developed in the programming language SuperCollider from 2020 to 2021 during the lockdown. 

By live coding within their interactive system, exchanging information and sharing the signal flow, they’ve created this 30-minute sonic trip, on a route that does not exist.

The project was supported by Musikfonds (Neustart Kultur, Germany).

[ _ _ _ ]

“Three placeholders sitting in a room between empty spaces.” This is how the ensemble [ _ _ _ ] describes itself. It was founded in 2020 by the artists Li Song, Shuoxin Tan and Jia Liu, (to compose music for the network. Li Song is a musician and software developer based in London. He composes music for computers and acoustic instruments. Shuoxin Tan was born in Beijing and works as a composer and sound artist in Cologne. She researches algorithmic acoustics, sound ontology and Lacanian topology. Jia Liu is a composer and computer music performer. She lives in Karlsruhe and is currently working on algorithmic music and composition for autonomous systems.

The three members share the same interest in algorithmic acoustics and composition, SuperCollider and live coding. Can algorithms be collaborative? What happens when the Borromean knot is applied to network structures for collaborative algorithmic composition?

With their latest project, they start to approach concrete sounds with abstract electronic sounds based on their network algorithmic music system.

Image by Shuoxin Tan