Wartime in Discovery Park : Caroline Kraabel [PAST]

Sound & Visual Exhibition :

6 August 2022 Saturday 2:30 – 5:30pm.

Solo live performance (saxophone) 6 August Saturday 5:30 – 6:30pm | £5 ticket | 10 places only – Please email divfuse@gmail.com for ticketing information.

7 August Sunday 2:30 – 6:30pm.

Running Time for the Exhibition : 12 minutes Total. Free Entry

Wartime in Discovery Park (2022)

Driving, talking. Conversing. Listening, but only casually. We make a daily trip to the park together.

Discovery Park. Home to cougars, coyotes, bald eagles, grey seals… rabbits… bold birds… quotidian communion.

Sky, sea, streets, trees. War in Ukraine. The very familiar sound of a voice, of mother tongues.

Two voices, each using two languages, each replicated with saxophone sound.

Taking A Life For A Walk x48 (2002 – 2006)

This audio piece consists of 48 live recordings of Kraabel’s weekly Resonance 104.4FM radio series, which ran from Jan 2002 to autumn 2006.

For each half-hour of live radio, Kraabel walked through the streets (usually of London) pushing her infant child in a pushchair while playing the saxophone (one-handed) along with all the ambient sounds and differing acoustics. She also invited listeners to create live audio feedback by phoning her in telephone boxes and holding their phones to their radios.

This audio piece uses 48 recordings of the live Taking A Life For A Walks, and differentiates them from the liveness of the original TALFAW by combining them so that we hear them all simultaneously.

Svalbard Soundtracks : Mute Frequencies [PAST]

Sound Exhibition:

29 July 2022 Friday 6-9pm. Talk by Andrei Rogatchevski, Professor of Russian Culture at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Trømso will be on at 7pm.

30 & 31 July Saturday & Sunday 2:30-6:30pm

Duration : 38 minutes. Free Entry

Svalbard Soundtracks (2019 – 2022) is the collective name for three new soundscape works inspired by documentaries about the titular Norwegian archipelago: A Trip To Svalbard (1930, Norway), Spitsbergen (1958, Poland), and Further North, There Is Only the North Pole (1976, USSR). 

These new scores evoke the sublime beauty of the archipelago’s landscape, flora and fauna, while at the same time highlighting the human presence on the islands. Svalbard’s geographical location and natural resources (e.g. fishing and coal mining) have contributed to its unusual political status, codified in the Svalbard (Spitsbergen) Treaty of 1920. As the Arctic climate shifts, Mute Frequencies asks how these environmental changes will affect the interrelationships of the world’s northernmost inhabitants.

Andrei Rogatchevski, Professor of Russian Culture at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Trømso will introduce and contextualise the soundtracks in his talk ‘Svalbard on the Multinational Screen’ (29 July 7pm).

Act of Throwing : Matt Harding & Esmeralda Valencia Lindström [PAST]

Live Performances :

24 July 2022 Sunday

First performance 5-5:30pm

Second performance 6-6:30pm

Free Entry

For this performance, the objects thrown have been borrowed from situations where their owners have been waiting to decide whether to keep or throw them away. Temporarily borrowed from this limbo they are used to highlight differences in acoustics between the spaces in and around the gallery. Simultaneously performed, recorded and played on speakers in the space the piece generates rhythms via the interaction between/ of the throwers, the people recording and the location itself. 

The act of throwing materials back and forth has been an ongoing method of research for Matt Harding & Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom exploring intersubjectivity and agency in materials both through sound recordings and performance, reflecting on our relationship with materials and objects and what it means to be continuously involved in and with matter. Previously performed at Gothenburg HDK Design Festival and for Radiophrenia Festival, each performance selects specifically chosen materials to explore questions of improvisation, narratives, duration, materiality and sonic perspectives.

We Are All Grazing Limpets : Action Pyramid [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

23 July 2022 Saturday 2:30 – 6:30pm

Running time : 15 minutes. Free Entry

A quadraphonic response to new sonic material gathered on a recent recording trip to the Outer Hebrides, with experiments in extending the multichannel format using mobile devices as additional sound making objects. The work features numerous underwater recordings from the Isle of Harris centering on the steady rhythmic scraping from Limpets grazing the rock pools and shorelines on the craggy east coast. Please bring a smartphone if you would like to add to the piece when you visit.

Tom Fisher is a sound artist and musician based in the marshy edge-lands of North East London. Working primarily under the name Action Pyramid his projects vary from site-specific sound installation and headphone based works for galleries and museums, to experimental radio works and compositions.

Discarded : Douglas Benford [PAST]

Live Performance :

16th July 2022 Saturday 6-7pm

£5 per ticket | 10 places only. Please email divfuse@gmail.com for ticketing and bank transfer details.

Douglas Benford plays various idiosyncratic instruments, objects and toys accompanying a soundscape created from household debris, objects and including autotuned vocal snippets. Spacious audio collisions of the human and the found, and the discarded.

Douglas Benford, composer and sound artist, has been involved in various audio genres and monikers since the late 1980s, performing at institutions in the UK (Bristol’s Arnolfini, London’s Science Museum, Tate Modern, The Roundhouse, ICA and Glasgow’s CCA, The Vortex), festivals worldwide (Mutek, Synch, Transmediale) and has had installation work in numerous UK galleries (London, Swansea, Stroud and Essex). His pieces and performances have been aired on the radio internationally, and regularly on BBC Radio 3’s Freeness programme and on Resonance FM.

S☉N OF THE SUN : Mark Wagner + Blanc Sceol [PAST]

Live Performance :

15th July Friday 2022 7-8:30pm

£3 Entry to be paid at the door. This event will take place at the open space of Tilia Road studios. BYOB

Mark Wagner presents S☉N OF THE SUN a ritual-performance based on Hermeticism and the Great Work of Alchemy, featuring live electronica.

This is the second time Wagner performs at Project DIVFUSE. His debut performance at the space, 33Hz Sonic Orgasm, brought new connections between sound and body.

Playing in the open yard on the same evening is Blanc Sceol, (artists Stephen Shiell and Hannah White). They will perform with voice, fujara and bells.

‘We’re all going to die, is it ok? A lament for the body, a cyclical sinking into earth and stone, and becoming again in wood and air.’

Blanc Sceol