audible silence : Jez riley French [PAST]

Sound exhibition:

14 April 2023 Friday 5-8pm

15 & 16 April Saturday & Sunday 2:30-6:30pm

21 April Friday 5-8pm

22 April Saturday 2:30-4:30pm

23 April Sunday 4:30-6:30pm

Running time: 30 minutes. Free Entry


Session 1 – 22 April Saturday 5-7pm (Full)

Session 2 – 23 April Sunday 2-4pm (Full)

£8 | 10 places each session | Please email for ticketing

Both sessions will be delivered in similar contents, ie they are not Part 1 and Part 2.

After having run four rounds of Open Calls DIVFUSE Sound Archive looking for works that are based on field recordings, Project DIVFUSE is pleased to present a sound exhibition by Jez riley French, an artist who builds microphones for capturing sound in different environments. Jez will also be giving two sessions of talks on recording devices and techniques involved based on his extensive experience.

Sound exhibition

soil horizons (2023)
spit soil beds

Traces of durational listening to the inner sounds of plants and to soil horizons; on-going research into transpiration, root systems, cavitation, vibrations in soil systems, situated connections between ground dwelling species, public and private land borders.

Recorded with adapted JrF contact microphones and hydrophones.

Lines and Light : Lynn Loo [PAST]

A two-day film and sound installation, made for the DIVFUSE exhibition space and a one day 16mm film workshop.


30 June 2023 Friday 5-8:30pm

1 July Saturday 2:30-6:30pm

2 July Sunday 2:30-4pm [Updated additional time]

£2 Suggested Donations


2 July Sunday 3-6:30pm

£25 | 7 places only | Please email for ticketing information (4 places left)


Film Installation – looped 16mm & DV


‘The moving bars of the gates outside DIVFUSE gallery were recorded on video and projected in black & white.

Onto 16mm black film, I scratched long straight lines into the emulsion and made two loops of different lengths. These are laced together through a single 16mm projector.

In the video projection, the interaction of moving and static bars of the gate creates unpredictable phasing patterns.

In the film projection, light penetrates through the two loops inviting chance meetings of the lines. Sometimes light passes through only one scratched line while blocked by the other black film, at other times two scratched lines meet and more light passes through.

The two super-imposed images are never likely to repeat because of the different lengths of the film loops against the duration of the video, also looped.

Together they produce further incidental interactions of lines and light.’

Lynn Loo

The workshop is dedicated to creating visual rhythms and patterned sounds using various techniques by direct application on to 16mm motion picture film. Then explore screening ideas through a live multi-projection session.

The Art of Foley: Walking Assemblages, Messiness and the Auditory X-Ray : Rebecca Glover [PAST]

Exhibition :

21 July Friday 5-7pm

22 July Saturday 2:30 – 5pm

29 July Saturday 2:30 – 5pm

Suggested donations to the space : £2

Demo and Talk :

Session One : 21 July Friday 7pm

Session Two : 22 July Saturday 5pm

Session Three : 29 July Saturday 5pm

£5 | 8 places each session | Please email to reserve a place

Over the past 5 years artist Rebecca Glover has been learning the craft of foley. At DIVFUSE she will present a series of experimental pieces exploring her research in the foley studio. Hunting for the sound-feel of weight, creating walking assemblages, messiness, listening and the infinite adaptability of prop combinations.

Fluid Bodies 4 Performance for Oscillation Festival Brussels. Photo from the artist

Rebecca Glover works across the mediums of sound, foley, sculpture and performance. She creates multisensory experiences that present alternative perspectives for listening and engaging with the world. Recent exhibitions and performances include work shown at Galeria Silvestre (ES), Concert Dispérses (FR), York Art Gallery (UK), with Contrechamps (CH), with Kammer Klang and Abstruckt at Cafe Oto (UK), KIOSK (BE), De Bijloke Muziekcentruum (BE), Yorkshire Silent Film Festival (UK), Pump House Gallery (UK), Overtoon (BE), Gouvernement (BE). Rebecca Glover (b. 1984, London) Lives and works in London. She studied at EPAS in Ghent (2018), Edinburgh College of Art (2009) and St Oswalds School of Painting (2004). | Instagram: @bexlyg

Unthread : Mute Frequencies [Upcoming]


18 November 2023 Saturday

Session One : 3pm

Session Two : 5pm

£5 | 8 places only per session | Please email for tickets

Mute Frequencies presents two performances of a work in progress. Unthread is the chance meeting of a sewing machine and contact microphones on a dissecting table. The machine’s sounds are extracted for their rhythmic potential and further augmented by a bank of effects. While the ritualistic gesture of threading and operating the machine raises questions about fast fashion, domesticity and gendered work, the sounds themselves are thrown into focus to reveal the inner life of the mechanism.

Each performance will last approximately 20 minutes. Followed by Q&A.

Mute Frequencies is the sound art project of Ilia Rogatchevski and Laura Rogatchevskaia, both former members of the London post-punk band Sebastian Melmoth. The duo work within the intersections of sound, performance and visual media. They have installed work at various London galleries and performed at festivals including Radio Revolten, Supernormal and Open House. Svalbard Soundtracks, their film score project that premiered at DIVFUSE in 2022, is released by Flaming Pines.

Photo by Jonathan Crabb. Live at TACO! August 2023