Two-Day Residency – Vox Aeterna : Howlround [PAST)]

Interactive Tape Loop Installation :

11 & 12 May Saturday & Sunday 2:30-5:30pm

No booking required | Free Entry

Performance :

Session One : 11 May Saturday 6:30-7:30pm £10

Session Two : 12 May Sunday 6:30-7:30pm £10

£10 | 8 places each session | Session One Tickets & Session Two Tickets

The installation will consist of an ‘eternal choir’ created by a series of vocal recordings made on a single tape loop stretched across the project space and running continuously throughout the day (or at least until it finally disintegrates and a new one takes over). Visitors and participants will be invited to listen in then contribute their own voices, the only instruction being that they harmonise with whatever was on the loop before them. Removing the tape machine’s erase head from the equation means that theoretically it should be possible to build up multiple layers of interlocking voices that blend, morph and disintegrate together before your very ears. Although given that this is vintage technology, nothing is ever certain. What we can guarantee is that we’ll create sounds that nobody else has ever made before and we’ll create them together. Both days will culminate in an evening performance featuring all the tape loops that have survived. 

Howlround was founded by sound designer and radio producer Robin The Fog in 2012 to create recordings, performances and installations entirely from manipulating magnetic tape on a quartet of vintage tape machines, with all digital effects and artificial reverb strictly forbidden. First coming to prominence with critically acclaimed debut album The Ghosts Of Bush, his approach has embraced field recordings, feedback and closed input tape-loops to create blistering noise and primitive techno; while more recent works explore the psychedelic effects of tape disintegration on the human voice. Howlround’s 10th LP A Loop Where Time Becomes is out now on Castles In Space.

Photo by Taile Eigeland