Automated : Diogo Nascimento [PAST]

Audio-Visual Exhibition :

19 August 2023 Saturday Session One : 6pm – 7pm | Session Two : 7pm – 8pm | Session Three : 8pm – 9pm

20 August 2023 Sunday Session Four : 3pm – 4pm | Session Five : 4pm – 5pm | Session Six : 5pm – 6pm

£3 suggested donations to the venue. Please reserve a place through this link:

What does one do when everything they believe in ceases to exist? This concept album presents the listener with this scenario, explored through ambient and industrial soundscapes, spoken poetry and experimental pop tracks. Automated is a reflection of monotonous life, how Western society is currently programmed to be, with most not questioning their existence. This narrative and lore are conveyed through concepts of cycles, time, the meaning of life and the interpretation of one’s reality, with the perception of its characters and stories. The visual elements are essential to the presentation of this project, but at its heart, you will find the musical material. This audio-visual installation means to create a safe space for free interpretation, instigating thought on these philosophical themes, through its abstract imagery and lingering, sombre symbolism.   

Alex Born (Diogo), 22, is a singer-songwriter and producer, lover of the performance arts based in London. Having found his sound through experimental pop and ambient, industrial soundscapes, his music takes inspiration from artists like Charli XCX, with her catchy pop melodies, Lady Gaga’s camp repertoire and Akira Yamaoka’s sombre compositions. With an immense passion for audio-visual elements, having worked on music for film and video games, narrative conveyed through musical elements and striking imagery is a recurring trend in his projects, heavily used in order to aid perception of the universe and lore he has created.

Instagram: @alexwasborn

Images from the artist