PreView : Guy Sherwin [PAST]

A film event

24 February 2023 Friday 6pm & 7pm

25 February Saturday 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

26 February Sunday 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

Each session is about 30 minutes. 8 places each session. Please email for a space.

Artist will be present during the event. Free entry

‘In the late 1980s I was living on Clarence Road a stone’s throw from DIVFUSE Gallery.

Looking out through the windows of my upstairs flat I made a ten-minute film, Views from Home.

Shot in time-lapse, the film also recorded sunlight passing through the empty rooms while I was out at work. Sax player Alan Wilkinson lived and practised in the flat below, and he unknowingly provided much of the soundtrack.

For this event, a live video of the street plays alongside an adapted version of the original film.

Note:  Views from Home was filmed in super 8mm and completed on video in 2005.’

– Guy Sherwin

Guy Sherwin studied painting at Chelsea School of Art. Inspired by films and expanded cinema from the London Filmmakers’ Co-op he began making films and acquired laboratory skills while working there during the 1970s.  His 16mm films are often concentrated in their form, but diverse in terms of their imagery and approach. The Short Film Series (1975–) and live film performances such as Man with Mirror (1976–) involve human, animal and natural phenomena transcribed as filmic subjects, while his optical sound films and projection performances, made in collaboration with Lynn Loo, explore a variety of abstract audio-visual ideas.

Three DVDs of his work have been published by LUX. In 2012 he curated the exhibition of expanded cinema Film in Space for Camden Arts Centre.

Photo from Guy Sherwin