Hidden Reverb : Maciej Wirmański [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

2 December 2022 Friday 5-8pm

3 & 4 December Saturday & Sunday 2:30-6:30pm. Artist will be dialling in from Poland for an artist’s chat between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday.

Running time : 30 minutes. Free Entry

This is one of the three exhibitions of work and artists selected from DIVFUSE Sound Archive No. 4 – an Open Call for pieces that are based on field recordings. We are pleased that this round of the Open Call is funded by the Arts Council England and the work was jointly selected by Project DIVFUSE and sound artist Kate Carr.

A Hole in a Wall (2021)

‘When I was at the Sanatorium of Sound Festival in Sokołowsko I hiked a lot. During one of my trips I found the ruins of some old buildings. Ruins were based on a slope of a hill in between meadow and woods. When I came closer I saw black eye of a rusty pipe looking back at me. It went from the outside to the inside of ruins. I put my ear to the dry pipe and I heard a rumble so different from the calm soundscape of the spa. It was so loud but almost unnoticeable even from a short distance. It amazed me so I put a shotgun microphone into the pipe and a pair of omni mics I left outside.’

Early Electro-acoustic music in the empty ballroom (2021)

‘Not so long ago I used to work for the local theatre company. The company owned an old hotel which they meant to renovate for a new stage. Empty space of a ballroom in the hotel was central to the building. Before renovation started I decided to honour the space and its unique reverbnation which was going to be lost soon. I went there at night with my microphones. The night was silent. I’ve decided to provoke reverbnation by using found objects such as broken tiles, scrap and rubble. I moved it on the concrete floor of the room. I recorded all of it on a broken tape recorder and then played it once again into the same space (inspired by “I am sitting in the room” by A. Lucier) and simultaneously playing on rubble once again. The outcome is a microphone performance/field recordings and homage to place which is gone by now.’ – Maciej Wirmański

Maciej Wirmański (Poland) is a field recordist, sound designer, and musician who lives and works in the Tatra Mountains on Slovakian-Polish Borderland. He owns the cassette microlabel Szara Reneta.


Photo from the artist