DIVFUSE Sound Archive Open Call No. 4

This Open Call is now closed. Thanks to all the artists who took time to make a submission. Selected pieces will be announced in the second week of November 2022.

***Open Call*** for sound work that is based on field recordings. Deadline for Open Call No. 4 is 27th October 2022

We are thankful that DIVFUSE Sound Archive Open Call No. 3 and 4 are supported and funded by the Arts Council England through the National Lottery Project Grants. For more information on ACE, please visit www.artscouncil.co.uk.


1) Text on the each piece (250 words maximum). This shall include the name, year and duration of the work, together with brief descriptions on ways of presentation (for example, 2 channels audio through speakers/headphones etc)

2) Artists’ bio (200 words maximum).

3) A link to the work. It could be a link to Soundcloud for example but please do not send us the file to download.

4) Send the submission through by email to divfuse@gmail.com on or before 27th October 2022.


1) Up to two pieces of work can be submitted by each artist (or group of artists who work together).

2) Each piece shall be at least 12 minutes long and can be made up of different parts.

3) Examples of work include pure sound from field recordings and compositions based on the recorded materials. Visual and other elements may be included if they are part of the work. The work itself should still be primarily sound based.

4) Selected pieces will EACH be exhibited for a weekend (Friday to Sunday) for free in November/early December 2022 at Project DIVFUSE micro digital and multi-media art gallery, London. There is no payment to the artists but Project DIVFUSE will offer the following:

* micro gallery space (5m x 3m) to carry out the exhibition.

* basic equipments for use during the exhibitions inside the gallery, including 4 x small Genelec speakers on stands, a Genelec subwoofer, a projector and a laptop to play the file(s) from.

* management of the exhibition including invigilating the space and promotion on social media.

5) Artists whose work is selected will have to make sure that all elements of the work reach the gallery at least a week before the exhibition.

6) If selected, digital files could be transferred over to Project DIVFUSE if this is deemed necessary. Artists will have to bear the cost for transporting any other materials or equipment outside those that the gallery can provide as listed above. Please bear this in mind before making a submission.

7) Artists who are based in London will be invited to do a short artists interview at the gallery during the exhibition and the video will be uploaded onto our YouTube channel for promotion and archive.

8) Results will be announced at the beginning of November 2022.

9) International work is welcomed. Anyone can apply regardless of artistic experience.

10) Artists whose work has been selected in the previous DIVFUSE Sound Archive Open Calls can still apply provided that different pieces are submitted.

11) For any enquiry, please email divfuse@gmail.com


Why do the pieces have to be 12 minutes or longer?

This is to encourage artists to think in the context of an exhibition. How long would you like the audience to experience the work for if they come to see a show? The 12 minutes can be made up of different parts, pieces or fragments but do think about the connections between different elements.


In addition to the owner and curator of Project DIVFUSE, we are excited to have Kate Carr as the guest judge of this round of the Open Call. Carr has been investigating the intersections between sound, place and emotionality both as an artist and as a curator since 2010. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wire, Pitchfork and Fact Magazine. Carr is a field recordist and this practice of recording the sounds in public spaces informs all of her work. Her recent commissions include a live performance for Listening to Place at the Barbican, and the Arts Council England funded installations Under Construction at TACO Gallery. Carr regularly performs throughout the UK and Europe, with recent ones taken place at Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery, Cafe OTO and so on.


Image from Kate Carr