S☉N OF THE SUN : Mark Wagner + Blanc Sceol [PAST]

Live Performance :

15th July Friday 2022 7-8:30pm

£3 Entry to be paid at the door. This event will take place at the open space of Tilia Road studios. BYOB

Mark Wagner presents S☉N OF THE SUN a ritual-performance based on Hermeticism and the Great Work of Alchemy, featuring live electronica.

This is the second time Wagner performs at Project DIVFUSE. His debut performance at the space, 33Hz Sonic Orgasm, brought new connections between sound and body.

Playing in the open yard on the same evening is Blanc Sceol, (artists Stephen Shiell and Hannah White). They will perform with voice, fujara and bells.

‘We’re all going to die, is it ok? A lament for the body, a cyclical sinking into earth and stone, and becoming again in wood and air.’

Blanc Sceol

Mark Wagner is an artist and composer whose work centres on Mysticism.

Blanc Sceol are artist duo Stephen Shiell and Hannah White. Their performances and interventions express their experience of place, anchored in landscape and re-imagined into new territory. They create encounters to connect materially and energetically to their surroundings.

www.markwagner33.com | www.blancsceol.co.uk

Photos from the artists