Surfacing : Rachel Musson [PAST]

Sound Exhibition :

18 November 2022 Friday 5-8pm

19 & 20 November Saturday & Sunday 2:30 – 6:30pm. Artist will be on site between 4pm and 6:30pm on Sunday.

Running time : 13 minutes. Free Entry

This is one of the three exhibitions of work and artists selected from DIVFUSE Sound Archive No. 4 – an Open Call for pieces that are based on field recordings. We are pleased that this round of the Open Call is funded by the Arts Council England and the work was jointly selected by Project DIVFUSE and sound artist Kate Carr.

‘I live near the New River, a man-made artficial river in North London opened in 1613 to bring drinking water into the capital. One day I decided to drop a hydrophone into the water in the hope of hearing the underwater sounds of nature, and instead was surprised to hear the sound of tube trains at great volume. It made me wonder what London might sound like from different watery locations. This led to Surfacing (2022), a collection of field recordings from London, made in the autumn of 2022. Each section of the piece consists of two recordings made at the same location, one with a hydrophone under the surface of a body of water collecting water-borne sounds, the other with a condenser microphone recording the ambient air-borne sounds. At times the two worlds appear closely connected in terms of their soundscape, and at others they appear to be worlds apart. ‘ – Rachel Musson

Rachel Musson is an improvising music maker based in London. She is an active member of London’s experimental and improvised music scene. She has released several recordings as a saxophonist on labels such as Brooklyn-based 577 Records, Two Rivers Records, and Babel. She is currently expanding her practice to include composition and sound works using field recordings and found sound, and is a current recipient of an Arts Council DYCP grant. | 

Photo by the artist