The Voice Creates Universes : Sam Enthoven & Laura Sampson [PAST]

Live Performances :

1 July 2022 Friday 7-8pm

2 July Saturday 4-5pm

2 July Saturday 6-7pm

£5 per ticket. There are 10 places for each of the above sessions. Please email for ticketing and bank transfer details.

IN THE BE-GIN-NING WAS THE WORD howled the machine.

‘This is a lie,’ said the man.

In Marcel Schwob’s 1892 short story The Talking Machine a man trades his voice for the power to shape reality. In their new performance piece, made especially for Project DIVFUSE, storyteller Laura Sampson and sound artist Sam Enthoven will use Schwob’s classic weird tale as a starting point from which to explore the implications of creation stories from around the world. Reality is a consensus. That consensus can be manipulated with narrative – histories, justifications, conspiracy theories and ‘culture wars’. Stories have power. Perhaps the idea that words and voices can create reality is not so far-fetched after all?

Sam Enthoven used to be a children’s author; now he’s a musician, sound artist and event creator exploring the places where sound and story meet. Laura Sampson is a storyteller, spoken word artist and Noh practitioner. Their shows together include THE NEW MIRROR and LUNAR DREAMS at Bloomsbury Festival, PORTENTS upcoming at Buxton Fringe and, most recently, HIDE at Theatre Deli. |

Image by Sam Enthoven & Laura Sampson